30 day “Thank You” Challenge”: Day 2

AccomplishmentEvery Accomplishment starts with the decision to try ♥

My “Thank you” challenge feels a bit like standing right in front of the academy after winning an Oscar. It’s a bit weird I admit, but the feeling afterwards just makes it worth doing it… So here it comes:

Thank you dear child of mine:

Thank you for getting in your car seat on your own and most important, Thank you for sitting in it… (Huge 1. I’m actually so proud of myself for that one. I was able to wait, step back, remember to breathe, remain calm and tell her “Sarah, I’m a going to loose it and I really don’t want to, Sarah please, seat down in you car seat so that we can go”… and she did!)

Thank you:

I’m thankful for finally finding the parenting path that felt right for me: This mindful and respectful way just felt right, I am now a lot more calm and peaceful: Thank you Janet Lansbury and Kate Russell (Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids) for writing those amazing stories and tips – they have been a great guide for me.


30 day Challenge: The Thank You Challenge

thank-you-challengeMy 30 day Challenge.

30 days…

It turns out that 30 days is the right amount of time to add a new habit (or subtract a habit that you have). My 30 days challenge takes only a few minutes a day. It’s easy, it doesn’t require any particular background, everyone can do it and it’s FREE.

I started the challenge like so: Every morning and every evening, I will say – out loud – for 5 minutes all the things that come to my mind that I’m thankful for. It turns out that 5 minutes is very long time, and that mornings and evenings might be too much. So, after adjusting the challenge to just once a day, no minimum time requirement, I was able to start the Thank you Challenge journey for 30 days.

I of course started saying out loud all the small and big things I was thankful for to my husband. 1st day way great, 2nd day was great, 3rd day was great… on the 4th day, he just looked like he was getting fed up with me imposing my challenge to him… so I impose my challenge to my dear child: Sarah.

On the 5th day, I chose a nice and peaceful moment, looked at my Sarah and started talking. I thanked her, I thanked so much that day for being healthy, for being kind, for being amazing, for making me happy, for being patient and letting me learn to be her mama, I just thanked her – that’s it. She was surprised, she didn’t really expect to be thanked for all those things that we take for granted everyday… She didn’t interrupt, she just looked at me – quite shocked actually.

It left me with a great mood, blessed of all the things that I have, that are mine, that are so obvious that I didn’t really took the time to realize that I have them all.

The challenge didn’t last for 30 days… so I’m taking that challenge again.

Would you take it with me?