Hello mamas and papas,
My name is Claire, I’m French and I currently live in Israel.

I gave birth in 2011 to a wonderful baby girl named Sarah.

Before giving birth, I had a lot of theories about parenting, I thought I would know what to do and how to react, and of course, not only didn’t I know anything, I came to a point where unfortunately I thought that I have made a mistake and I was even unhappy!

The journey is not easy, and after ups and downs I can proudly say, YES I’M A MAMA AND I’M PROUD OF IT.

Sarah Collage

My daughter is amazing, she is a loving, caring and sensitive little girl, I could trade years of my life for a smile and for 1 “mama I love you”. She gives me so much and she is the reason I want to be a better person. My husband and I want to raise her the best that we can… the thing is that, I have come to realize that “the best that I can” is simply not enough – because the best that we can is, in fact, very limited. I want her to realize the person she really is, I want her to be who she wants to be. Based on that, I have been reading, reading and reading a lot and discovered the respectful parenting approach. I am not there yet, I struggle, and still want to “get her do” stuff but I know that HAVE TO get there, for my Sarah’s sake… so I will

This blog is about my personal journey to give my dear child the best “beginning” in life, provide her with the confidence I wish I had in order to provide a better future. This blog is about respect, about my journey to learning mindfulness, about being a better parent, about empathy and you know… all the good stuff list 🙂

If you, like me, understand that childhood is the key to your child’s present & future self-happiness… you came to the right place

If you, like me, read everything you can and question everything you read, you came to the right place.

If you, like me, try to be mindful, try to “re-program” in order to be a better person, remove our own inner fights to see more clearly… you came to the right place.

There are a lot of good blogs and great places to get great parenting tips and some “how tos” to learn from, I’ll try my best redirect everytime I read something interesting.
Enjoy reading, sharing and being a proud parent too!


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