Toilet Paper Play


It’s been a while…

I have to say that Toilet Paper Play is one of my favorite. Not only it’s available in every home, it’s easy to clean and you + toddler can basically have hours of fun with it.

How it started?

Sarah took a toilet paper roll and asked me if she could keep it. I said yes… I was about to get dressed to go to the park and asked Sarah (who is diaper free during the day – yeah :)) to go on the potty before we leave.

After a few minutes, I heard nothing: no noise, no “mamaaaaa”, no running… nothing. I had a quick look, and saw Sarah on the potty, playing with the toilet paper. She was playing independently 🙂

I stayed in my room for like 5-10 minutes, I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to interrupt this precious moment I wanted for so long to witness, I didn’t make a sound… she had managed to create a small shirt with the toilet paper and called me to help her complete it.

I asked her what she had in mind and asked her what I could do to help – I didn’t want to interfere with what she planed, and if she plays, she has to lead her way. She asked for a costume. As it was very vague, I tried to rephrase. Do you want a dress? Do you want skirt? I asked with excitement. She asked for a dress.

With a lot of care I took the toilet paper and roll it all over her. She was so excited that she couldn’t stand still, and that poor 1st T.P dress of hers was on a just a few seconds. I brought many toilet paper rolls and we started all over, and over, and over until she was able to move more freely and understood the impact of her actions on the dress. I believe that it must have taught her a lot about consequences, patience and care.

After a while, she asked for a costume for “Petit cochon” (her little soft pig that she likes) and started wearing it 🙂 It made me so proud, I was so happy to see her taking care of her little piglet. She sometimes asks me to carry her very close like under my shirt or to wrap her around me (she and I call it “kangaroo”), I believe that she was imitating that.

I loved that play so much because she completely started it, and because we were able to bond through play

Imitation is the first instinct of the awakening mind.

Maria Montessori



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