It’s play time


It’s play time… Darling let’s go to a Huge playground!

Huge Playground she says? Yes, HUGE we reply, let’s go.

She barely woke up from her daily nap, but we could tell she was excited! So, there we were, in a Huge playground – she seemed so tiny.

She had a look and she said “woooowwwww, HUGE playground” she was running all over the place, as if she needed time to process what was going on, as if she needed instructions. I was a bit stressed, isn’t she too tiny to climb there? Isn’t she too tiny for those slides? I told my husband, no way – you’re going up with her! “Those are “regular” slides darling”, I told her, pointing at those that I thought were more appropriate

I know, I know: “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed”, “Independence” those are concepts I really, really but really want to emphasize and respect – but it seems so overwhelming, she’s still a baby to me I guess. I realized how important this is when another parent climbed with his son (around 2 yo I would say) and didn’t really let him run there – this always gives me the perspective that I need, like seeing a reflection of myself and this doesn’t look good when you begin to be more conscious of the parent that you want to be…

I stood up there, until my husband grabbed my hand… she ran, she climbed, she jumped, went up, went down, went right and went left… she needed some directions and at some point and she wanted us to climb with her… so I did, I went up, I went down, I went right and I went left with her for a few minutes until she felt ready for the BIG slides. She climbed, up to the big-big slide, on her own and was so happy. 1 hour before that, those big slides seemed huge and inappropriate.

“It’s time to go, darling, let’s go” – we said, choose carefully your last ride! We’ll be back next week!



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