Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow is another dayAre we really there? I mean, really…

I’ve been reading a great blog lately: Hands Free Mama about being REALLY there, not just there but really there – about making a connection, and basically about the important stuff in life. I can’t really say that my life has changed, but, among the other stuff I’m reading, this blog made me realize that every moment is important – because there is just one today, just ONE

Tomorrow is another day, has always been a sentence I liked. I liked it a lot actually because it meant a lot to me. It was like an excuse to make things better next time, not now, not today. Today, I’m going to let things happen and see how it goes – I’m there anyway. Today, everything will be OK, and of course if not, Tomorrow is another day. So, my day looked like:

  • Today, I yelled, nevermind: Tomorrow is another day.
  • I stayed late at work today, nevermind: Tomorrow is another day
  • I haven’t been paying attention to my husband for the past 2 years… nevermind: Tomorrow is another day
  • I’ve been trying to cope with the whole mamaHood situation, giving a lot of excuses, nevermind: Tomorrow WILL be a better day

This is true, Tomorrow is another day. Assuming that there will be tomorrow, tomorrow I will:

  • Pay attention
  • Make a connection
  • Play
  • Cook / Bake with my daughter
  • ENJOY the day
  • Say I love you
  • Breathe, breathe and breathe some more when she pushes my buttons, be respectful and try to understand her
  • Say YES as much as I can

What different does it make, today – tomorrow? Well, this is what I realized – again, assuming that there will be tomorrow, one day makes a huge difference.

One day made a huge difference when my baby smiled, when my baby crawled, when my baby said “mama”, when my baby talked, my baby walked, when my baby said “I love you” for the 1st time – Just one day! 1 day before all those important days in her life, she didn’t

winnie-the-pooh-today-quote-bigOne day… only 1. So, as there is just 1 today, I want to appreciate it, and if I can I want today to be good.

In order to do all that, today I will learn, today I will read all I can to make a difference. Today I will be kind, respectful to my child. Today I will try to see with her eyes, not mine and show empathy. Today I will play with her, today I will bake a cake with her… Today. Today I will walk to the park, today I will laugh… Today

The paradox is that I want everything today, but big changes can’t be made in a day. So 1 step at a time, I am doing those changes, and I am doing 1 little thing each time… Today

After only 2 months of implementing the basics of RIE and other Positive Parenting basics (really the basics, I’m not ready for the advanced stuff) I really see the difference. I’m calm and more peaceful, which makes today easier… which makes today a better day.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day

  1. Today, tomorrow… Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders, what matters is that you want to do things good, and your daughter sees that. You can’t be perfect, there is no such thing, a good mother is loving and caring, and you’ve always been, from the very first day she was in your womb.


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