All you need is love

All you need is loveAll you need is love… All you need is love… All you need is love… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is all you need

If only this was true…

I’ve been learning that the 1st years of a child’s life are critical. Critical because those years are building who this person will be, even as an adult… Knowing that makes every decision critical – not because everything is important, but because you’re building memories, feelings and reactions.

So, All you need is love, patience, confidence, basic understanding of what your child needs, guidance, and of course hope that you’re doing the good thing. All you need is a Zen atmosphere, inner-peace, a great Yes attitude and positiveness…

How hard can this be, well pretty hard, when all you can offer is Love, Love, Love.

How do you get confidence, basic understanding, guidance when you’re a mama for the 1st time?

How can you know that you’re doing great? that you treat your child with respect? that you’re on the right path?

I’ve been asking and getting all kind of advice, all kind of tips that would help me go through everything. I’ve been feeling guilty, feeling a failure of what I thought would come naturally: Why is that so hard, aren’t we supposed to be good mamas? I’ve come to realize that we’re not born mamas, we become mamas – so we learn

I’ve been reading a lot lately and realized that yes: Respect is the key! but then, how do you know how to set limits? how do you know your limits are fair and respectful? well, again: you don’t – you learn!

I’m learning the basics of RIE, and I’m proud of it. How come those principles are not obvious? I feel blessed, and even special that I finally have found what I want to follow…

I’m starting now, because every day counts
Claire H


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